“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

George Bernard Shaw

Freedom To Live

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I provide relationship coaching from a faith-based perspective aiming to help clients experience more fulfilling lives by developing understanding, action plans, and ultimately freedom to create their ideal lifestyle. We will work on determining the root of issues, identification of values, and establishing actionable steps for change.

Freedom to Live is my signature personal development coaching program. This is a 5-week program designed to help millennial professionals break free from the limitations of what they’ve been trained to live by experience, family, or other influences to pursue a life they value.

Week 1: Identify imbalance in your life
Week 2: Define success for your life
Week 3: Increase confidence in your thoughts
Week 4: Achieve freedom from limiting beliefs
Week 5: Define your purpose statement

Gain the Freedom To Live

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Client Testimonials

I came to Ty at a crossroads in my life, choosing whether I wanted to continue my day to day life feeling unhappy or, instead, begin to do the inner work in order to find fulfillment. Ty offered her time, empathy, knowledge, insight, and inspiration. Even in my worst moments,Continue Reading

Ms. A.J.

Ty had beautiful and great advice to help save my marriage in the most difficult times. First year of marriage has been tough. She worked with both my husband and I to help us figure out the issues and the root of the problems. She listened to both of usContinue Reading

Mrs. A.W

Faith + Authority is a Christian-based business with faith-infused services. This means that the foundational tenants of our perspective are Bible-based; however, you will not be “preached to.”

Disclaimer: For any service to be effective, each client must be responsible for personal progress, be open minded to the possibility of change, willing to implement personal changes, and actively participate in personal growth.